Graham Forster Presents: Train Shows Summer 2022.

Graham Forster
2 min readJul 18, 2022



There are many types of train shows that offer so much simple, back-to-basics fun for all the family. During the last two years of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic however, most of these were cancelled. This was incredibly disappointing for train lovers throughout the world from young children to the elderly and everyone in between. As well as those who love trains, there are train experts like Graham Forster who have made trains a centrifugal part of their everyday living. As a retired businessman, these days Forster enjoys nothing more than visiting or participating in a traveling train show.

Graham Forster- missing the Train Shows

“Summertime is probably one of the best opportunities for train shows,” Graham Forster says. “At least from where I am coming from and how I see fun!” he added. “Basically, there are so many summer activities that — while great in theory — when it comes to the hot weather, ultimately in practice are mot so fun as the outdoor heat can be stifling. Not so with the Summer Train Shows which I have missed so much over the last couple of years.”

Graham Forster- psyched for new Train Shows- 2022

In this Seven-part review, Graham Forster will take us on a journey featuring the different Train Shows available for your enjoyment. The order is totally random.

Train Show #1: National Train Show 2022

The first in our series of Train Shows is: The National Train Show 2022 (Collinsville, Illinois)

One example of these is the 2022 National Train Show that is taking place this year in Collinsville, Illinois. The National Train Show began back in 1988 as a trade show. Created by the National Model Railroad Association this year the event is being put on together with the National Model Railroad Association, Inc (NMRA) which was set up with the intention of “advance[ing] the global scale model railroading community through education, advocacy, standards and social interaction.”

National Train Show 2022 — St. Louis, MO

The 2022 National Train Show will take place this year between August 12th until August 14th. For those interested in finding out more information, please visit: National Train Show 2022 — St. Louis, MO

Stay tuned for parts 2–7 of Graham Forster’s “Train Shows Summer 2022”



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